Re-Arrangement of Sentences

The following six sentences have to be arranged in a proper sequence, so as to form a meaningful paragraph.


(A) Of the three names that had been mentioned in the press as constituting the shortlist, Urjit Patel’s was the one most likely to come to light.

(B) I say the last not on grounds of the politics as much as the fact that he must agree with the new view of monetary policy legislated by Parliament in April 2016 whereby inflation targeting became the main objective of the RBI.

(C) He was after all the head of the Expert Committee to Revise and Strengthen Monetary Policy that had recommended the transition in the first place.

(D) First, he was already within the Bank, being one of its Deputy Governors.

(E) But, above all, he also has the advantage of being on the same page as the current dispensation in Delhi.

(F) So the Government of India has announced the name of the next Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, In a way, there was no great surprise.

(G) Second, he has the academic pedigree by now considered intriguer for top posts in the Indian government.


Answers: F  A  C  D  G  E  B

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